Susan Tea

Susan Tea is a first-class tea, collected from the fields of Ceylon and packed in Sri Lanka

The nature of Sri Lanka gave people a place where all the conditions for the cultivation of tea of the highest category exist in perfect balance. Here there is a constant year-round temperature, sufficient humidity and optimal soil composition which is suitable for the growth of tea. It is in these conditions «SUSAN» teas are grown.


F.B.O.P.F (Finest Broken Orange Pekoe Flowery) is an elite tea variety for which only the most valuable first leaves are chosen, the ones that grow from the top of the stem, the not-yet-unfurled buds (the tips). The tea leaf is broken and loosely wound, which allows the character of the tea to be delicately revealed.

With proper production processing, the tea buds are usually under-fermented, which manifests in small white specks that can be seen in the dry tea leaves. Thanks to this, the F.B.O.P.F tea variety has a unique floral taste.

This tea variety is grown at an altitude of 1500 meters above sea level in the high mountains of the island of Ceylon. The unique climate imparts this tea with a subtle aroma, a soft astringent taste, and a bright golden-orange color.

This tea brews quickly. The recommended brewing time is 2-4 minutes.



Green tea is composed of young leaves of a medium size that undergo minimal fermentation. Due to this, its properties are very close to the qualities of a fresh tea leaf.

The unique climate of Sri Lanka gives this tea a rich palette of flavors and aroma. Depending on the time of harvest, eucalyptus and cypress tree notes can be caught in the bouquet, along with wild mint, vanilla, and honey.

The green Ceylon tea has a very soft tartness and a generous and full aroma. The color of the beverage is sunny yellow and clear.

Recommended brewing time is 2-5 minutes.